Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Life in London

Our London adventures are just getting started! I have moved into our flat, with the family joining very soon!

This blog will be about our adventures will living in London. Hopefully, there will be lots of travel pictures soon to come!

We don't know how long we will live here - 1 year, 3 years ????, but we are going to make the most of every minute! So, stay tuned to see and read about our adventures - whether in London or on holiday!


  1. Hi Karen ~~ Your page is pretty. I hope you get time to start writing soon. When you do I will tell my readers about it. I know Rachel and Cliff Morrow will want to read it. Dad

  2. Hi Karen-

    Your dad Jim left a comment on my blog inviting me over here. I have lots to say : ) I would love to send you an would be easier. We just moved back to the states in July after six years in the UK (my youngest was 13 when we moved over and my oldest 15). We loved it but initially its a roller coaster. Where will your 13 yo be in school?

    One of my neighbors here in NJ just moved to Chiswick area so she's new too. Have you connected with any of the American Women's Clubs? They are a great resource for newcomers. I lived in Gerrards Cross (Buckinghamshire-on the Chilterns Line) and my girls went to ACS Hillingdon. My husband worked in Oxford which is why we didn't live in the city. We absolutely loved village life and I miss it a lot.

    I can easily overwhelm you so I'll stop for now. I'm happy to answer questions or listen to frustrations of which there are many when you are new : ) The American Women's Clubs are a fantastic resource and I highly recommend. I was involved with the Chilterns AWC but there are several in London too. Here is a link to a post I wrote on my blog about CAWC and being new and looking back at that-

    Enjoy...and for sure blog. You will be so glad you did. I didn't start my blog until we were on the way out of the UK and I regret that.

    Joyce Daley

  3. Glad to see you're going to tell us about life there.

  4. Are we going to see pictures of Baily growing up. Her Aunt Susie doesn't want to miss it.